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I started consulting in 1996, with a goal in mind to give small businesses the technical services that they need every day. It may be cost-prohibitive for some businesses to provide their own in-house technical support staff.  I am committed to providing your business with a full spectrum of technical services. No matter what the size of the project; from the installation of a single computer to complete system integration. I begin a project and follow through with meticulous care and expertise. 

The cultivation of long-term relationships with clients is important. Understanding clients rely on more than just technical services. Recognizing that my efforts directly affect the client’s everyday business productivity. My philosophy is to present quality work on each and every project. I put myself and reputation on the line every day and I take pride in (ethics, morals) my standard of work excellence.

Understanding that it’s not just the computers, but also the people who use them. A system that doesn’t perform as expected or is so complex that staff can’t use its features is useless. Recognizing that other vendors and consultants see themselves as external resources, I establish myself as a team player on your team.